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July 12, 2018
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Dental ImplantsNo tooth is disposable; however, tooth loss does happen due to decay, abscess, injury, gum disease, and other issues. For the best possible tooth replacement, the team at Oakwood Hills Family Dental in Eau Claire, WI, recommends dental implants, the realistic alternatives to natural teeth. Dr. Terrence Miskulin, Dr. Cortney Decker, and Dr. Courtney Reich expertly place these prosthetics, giving patients full oral function, and an exceptional, "no-gap" appearance.

Why replace missing teeth?

Frankly, if you leave a smile with a gap, your facial appearance and self-confidence suffer. Also, the jaw bone and gum tissue immediately start to recede with tooth extraction. Lose multiple teeth, and you lose the rounded facial contours and efficient eating and speaking you're used to.

The best tooth replacements

For generations, dentists have replaced missing teeth with fixed bridges and conventional partial and full dentures. While approximating normal facial and smile appearance, these prosthetics do nothing to preserve jaw bone integrity. Also, after years of use (ten years at best), dentures and bridges require replacement.

Not so with dental implants, says the American Academy of Periodontology. Implants maintain natural bone density and the surrounding gum tissue. Plus, the lifespan of dental implants is indefinite. In other words, with disciplined oral hygiene, implants can be the last tooth replacements a patient would ever need.

The single-tooth implant has three distinct components:

  • A titanium metal cylinder inserted into the jaw bone
  • A metal alloy abutment
  • A realistic porcelain crown

Together, these components form the strongest, most durable tooth replacement available, and they deliver a bonus: osseointegration. When a dental implant resides in the jaw, it actually improves the size and density of the bone. In other words, your jaw and gums stay healthy--almost as if you never lost the tooth. Dental implant and jaw form an inseparable bond through osseointegration.

Additionally, all phases of tooth replacement with implants happen at Oakwood Hills Family Dental. Your Eau Claire dentist uses the latest diagnostics to evaluate prospective implant patients, ensuring they have sufficient bone and good oral health. Then, the doctor inserts the implants into the jaw, allows the sites to heal (this takes many weeks to months) and bonds on metal abutments and lifelike dental crowns crafted from quality porcelain.

If you have lost many or even all of your teeth, you may qualify for implant-supported bridges or full dentures. Trust the team at Oakwood Hills Family Dental to craft your care plan to your health, facial structure, and personal preferences.

Caring for implants

It's as simple as brushing twice daily and flossing daily according to American Dental Association guidelines and your hygienist's instructions. Avoid the pressure exerted during habitual teeth grinding by wearing a customized bite guard, and if you smoke, start a smoking cessation program from your primary care physician. Tobacco can break down implant sites and necessitate removal of the devices themselves.

Find out more

Dental implants could solve your gapped smile. For a personal consultation with one of our dentists, please contact Oakwood Hills Family Dental in Eau Claire, WI, at (715) 834-5882.